We all know that in the current conditions of the global pandemic and quarantine, our institute has a Moodle distance learning system.

Therefore, all classes are conducted remotely. We also use distance learning to prepare talented students for the Olympics in special disciplines. They achieve significant results at the republican stage of the student scientific Olympiad. This will serve to increase the rating and prestige of our institute.

On May 3, 2020, the Republican Scientific Olympiad in the discipline “Primary processing of light industry raw materials” was held at the Bukhara Engineering and Technology Institute. At the head of the head of the department “Technological machines and equipment” F.A. Kurbanov with associate professor O.I. Rajabov, senior teacher A.S. Abrorov and M.Kh. Gapparova worked tirelessly in organizing and conducting the online Olympiad.

One of the leading teachers of the department on organizational issues, associate professor O.I. Rajabov, senior lecturers A.S. Abrorov, M.Kh. Gapparova and the head of the department for organizing research activities of talented students M.R.Kuvoncheva showed zeal and high spirituality. The efforts of the teachers of our department were not in vain, the Olympiad was held at a high level. Our students successfully participated in the Republican Olympiad “Primary processing of raw materials for light industry”. The student of group 418-17 TJ (hk) of the faculty “Textile and Leather Industry” took the first place Tolibov Sohibjon, and Djumaev Shahrillo took the second place. Of course, these students are prepared by teachers of our department, associate professors F.A. Kurbanov, O.I. Rajabov, Senior Lecturer A.S. Abrorov. Services of O.I. Rajabov and M.Kh. Gapparova is invaluable since students achieved high olympiad results.

In turn, it should be noted that as a result of recent rational reforms at our institute, we can consider it as a simple example of identifying and supporting talented students and demonstrating their talent. The staff of the department expresses gratitude to the leadership of the institute for creating all the conditions for the organization of this Olympiad.

Associate Professor, Department of Technological Machines and Equipment

O.I. Rajabov