Online courses organized under the ELBA project (opening of training and research centers for intellectual analysis of large data in Central Asia)

Ibragimov U.M.,Khalilov F.V.,Khujanazarov Z.R.,Khojiev A.K.

Taking into account the conditions of the pandemic and the temporary absence of the possibility of conducting courses in frame of 610170-EPP-1-2019-1-ES-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP ELBA “Establishment of training and research centers and Courses development on Intelligent BigData Analysis in CA” in European partner universities, on March 23-26, 3-day online courses were held under the guidance of professors of European partner universities.

Day 1
Workshop on how to install and run a Data Science Platform. Anaconda Installation, versions of Python, Jupyter notebooks. Programming for Data Analysis

Day 2
Statistical Methods in Data Science / Computational Linear Algebra for Large Scale Problems (Part I

Day 3
Theoretical part + needed software installation
The courses were well organized and conducted, especially they are of great importance in a pandemic conditions, and the knowledge and skills gained will help in the courses that will be held in European partner universities

Thanks to the professors for the courses provided