Meeting of rectors with undergraduates of Uzbekistan

Today a meeting at the Moscow State Technological University “STANKIN” was held between the rector of the MSTU “STANKIN” Elena Kataeva and the rector of the Bukhara Engineering Technological Institute Nusratulla Barakaev with undergraduates from Uzbekistan.

The relationship between the two universities of MSTU STANKIN and BukhETI began in May 2018. The plans include a master’s program in “double diplomas” between the MSTU “STANKIN” and BukhETI. Directions of preparation: “Design and technological support of machine-building industries”, “Automation of technological processes and production”, “Robotics and mechatronics”.

In 2019, BukhETI was visited by 4 lecturers of the MSTU STANKIN with lectures, and in December 2019 an intensive course of 1 week was organized in which representatives of the MSTU STANKIN highlighted the modern problems of engineering industries and ways to solve them. An internship was also conducted for graduate students of BukhETI at the MSTU STANKIN. As a result of the internship, scientific results were obtained that are planned to be implemented at enterprises of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

“I am very pleased that your visit today is not just a fixation of intentions for cooperation, but an example of the actual implementation of the agreements. The ties of our states should not only be maintained, but also multiplied. The children who study with us will not only become carriers of advanced competencies in the field of modern automated digital productions, but will also maintain strong ties with classmates and teachers. You are engineering elite that will be strong with both its knowledge and its ties in our two countries.” said Elena Kataeva, rector of MSTU STANKIN.

The rector of BukhETI Nusratulla Barakaev thanked for the productive joint work that allowed the students of BukhETI to join the MSTU STANKIN. “The industrial development of our country allows us to say with confidence that the young people who have received training in our joint program will be in great demand by employers and will soon become the core of a new generation of first-class engineers. We expect that this is only the first step on the path to comprehensive cooperation in the field of scientific research and applied development and are interested in as close as possible friendly work with the STANKIN team.” he said.